About us

LA RUTA DE VIA‘s founder, fondly known as the Cinderella of Italy embarked upon a journey of a lifetime to find the perfect fit. Together, with her adventurous team of buyers, Italy’s Cinderella carefully selected shoes from exclusive fashion boutiques all over the world. Upon her return, the stylish men and women of Shanghai rejoiced and LA RUTA DE VIA was born.

LA RUTA DE VIA doesn’t follow others blindly, we are not bound by trends or brands. We have style, an appreciation for unique innovative designs that emanate exquisite craftsmanship and ingenuity. We love variety and our mission is to uphold an independent attitude towards fashion and style with only the best products carefully selected from every corner of the globe.

LA RUTA DE VIA connects with the fashion community. In our shop you will find a brilliant clashing of fashion concepts, shoes for every occasion, mood and outfit. The moment you step into our shop you will be set alight by inspiration to embrace the adventurous world of fashion.



A rose is infinitely beautiful,
yet it is plagued by thorns,
Akin to the rose,
is the journey of life we have embarked upon.
When life takes a turn,
let your silhouette be your strength,
Shoulders back, stand up straight,
walk with purpose.
The perfect shoes radiate strength within you,
Let the garden of your mind
blossom on barren soil
Let your soul guide you,
it is there you will find solid ground.
No matter the destination,
nor the path you are on
all eyes will follow you
captivated by your beauty
and strength shining from within.
Know yourself,
Have no fear,
Have no doubt
Define, Me.